Africa Women’s Health Summit announces Kenya Medical Women’s Association as a Supporting Partner

Verve Management is excited to announce that Kenya Medical Women’s Association will be joining the 2nd Edition Africa Healthcare Extension Summit as a Supporting Partner

Kenya Medical Women’s Association was legally incorporated in 1983. Its principal mandate is to championing women’s health, social justice and equity in health focusing on women, children and other vulnerable groups. KMWA works to promote the welfare and profession of women in medicine in uphold the standards and practice among members in the conduct of sound and progressive growth in medical profession. The Association collaborates with others partners, governments, regional entities and non-state actors that contribute to the sustainable development of the health sector.

Globally, KMWA is affiliated to the Medical Women International Association and attained Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) status in 1994. KMWA has proven track record in engaging and galvanizing its others in engaging in innovative programmatic and learning initiatives through public policy and health system strengthening focusing on issues that affect women.

Africa Women’s Health Summit will be on 27 – 28 November 2019 at The Panari Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. Have you registered? Click

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